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At CompliMed, we are dedicated to one thing:

Helping you comply with the ABPI Code

No matter what your role is or what your need might be, our team of Compliance and Medical experts are dedicated to bringing clarity to all aspects of complying with the Code.

Every service we provide, whether it is training, auditing or advising, is with the sole intent of making compliance clear.

To us, compliance is ultimately about doing the right thing for patients. That’s why we are passionate about the Code and proud that we never compromise when it comes to compliance.


5/6 companies audited by the PMCPA in 2017, 2018 and 2019 were supported by CompliMed


20/25 of the top global pharma companies have worked with CompliMed

The CompliMed approach

  • We want you to be experts too

    That’s why we’re committed to making compliance clear – we know it makes life easier for you.
  • We’re there in times of crisis

    Complaints, audits and investigations – we respond quickly and stay with you until it’s over.
  • We put compliance first

    We’re not in the business of ‘creative solutions’. If you want to do the right thing, we’re here to help you.
  • We love the Code

    We’re proud to say we know what it says and importantly, what it means.
  • We care about patient safety

    That’s why we never compromise when it comes to compliance with the Code.

Our team

Our compliance and medical teams are made up of consultants and staff who live out the CompliMed approach day-to-day.

Meet the team