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  • Final Signatories

    The Final Signatory experiential programme focuses on developing the essential skills involved in becoming a modern final signatory - competent and constructive, commercially-aware and compliant. Additional mentoring and workshops are also available with this course, which is pending accreditation by the FPM.

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  • Originators and Reviewers

    For those involved in the copy approval of promotional and non-promotional material, this course covers all aspects of the copy approval process, from concept to certification.

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  • Field Promotional

    For sales reps and managers who want to increase knowledge of practical application of Code principles and therefore confidence, this course covers Code requirements as they apply to field-based staff.

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  • Field Medical

    For MSLs and MSL Managers, this short course is designed to increase compliance knowledge, and the understanding of how the Code applies within your field, by looking at specific MSL activities and associated case rulings.

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  • ABPI & IPHA Codes – The differences

    Further your understanding of the differences between the two Codes. This short course allows those who review and certify materials to understand the requirements and differences between the UK ABPI and Irish IPHA Codes. Many UK affiliates are also responsible for Ireland – do you know Irish Code requirements well?

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  • Agencies & The Code

    Designed specifically for agency staff working with pharmaceutical companies, this short course is designed to increase understanding of agency responsibilities when working with clients in relation to the Code. Around 1 in 4 breaches involved agencies.... do you know the requirements and your responsibilities?

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  • Pre-licence activities

    This course comprises of three modules – each including slides, video content a short learning quiz. Module 1 covers the "Scope of the Code"; Module 2 covers "Product related pre-licence activities (definition, criteria, cases)"; Module 3 covers "Non-product-related pre-licence activities (definition, criteria, cases)"

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  • Summaries of PMCPA case rulings published 2017-2019

    We have a number of courses that include 2017-2019 case summaries on the following subjects - please ask us for each price! Meetings & hospitality; External speakers; Emails; Medical stands / MSLs; Respiratory; Diabetes; Oncology; Websites; Reps; Social Media

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  • Progress at your own pace

    Our courses allow users to pause and pick up where they left off – perfect for managing a busy schedule.
  • Varied content

    Audio, video and printable checklists allow users with different learning styles to engage equally well.
  • Easy to access

    Access your online courses anytime via desktop, tablet or mobile devices.
  • High quality content

    Designed and written by experts, including our insight and top tips.
  • Bespoke courses

    Course content can be bespoke to suit your specific needs.
  • No external trainer required

    Progress and quiz scores are automatically tracked.
  • Homework and mentoring

    Our Final Signatories experiential programme has homework assigned with associated mentoring available either as group or one-to-one sessions.
  • Tracking

    Set your own completion dates, receive regular progress reports on all students and benefit from group mentoring.
  • Instant validation

    Some courses have randomised quizzes to reinforce the learning; printable certificates are awarded upon completion.