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Medical Support

By outsourcing essential copy approval responsibilities to our team of expert uploaders, reviewers and signatories means both a reduced workload and the reassurance that approved items will be fully compliant and in line with overall business strategy.

Our approach

  • Expert-led

    Our medical signatories have many years of experience and are assessed regularly to ensure their knowledge is always up-to-date.
  • Compliance supported

    Our medical approval team are supported by a strong compliance network – with their insight adding to our medical expertise.
  • System agnostic

    Whether its Zinc, Veeva PromoMats or other in-house systems, we have experience in handling them effectively.
  • Efficient and adaptable

    We can take on small projects all the way through to entire therapy areas, whatever you need – ensuring deadlines are met without compromising compliance.
  • Transparent

    Communication is key to success and large projects will be managed by an account manager with a dashboard to track activity vs KPIs.