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Final Signatory E-learning Programme

CompliMed's Final Signatory E-learning Programme is used by 30 UK-based pharma companies. The programme is experiential and hard work - but produces modern signatories that are commercially-astute, constructive team-players, who take a risk-based approach to make robust decisions.

This FAQ document should answer all your questions.

I found the course to be very comprehensive. The mixed learning approach… were a valuable way to combine the theory and application … to our everyday work.

It was enlightening and a good intellectual challenge to discuss real life examples and have the opportunity to be coached by Rina and her team …

CompliMed never lose sight of the important role we play in the medical education of healthcare professionals.

I would unequivocally recommend CompliMed as an expertly qualified and committed partner to support signatory candidates.

  • Marketing Lead Immuno-Oncology Franchise

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Dr Rina Newton


Dr Rina Newton

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