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Upcoming Webinars March 2020

Reps & Emails 31 March, 2-2.30pm £30

We are often asked questions by reps, sales managers or others about the risks that emails pose if sent by a sales rep. This 30 minute webinar therefore aims to cover the following:

  • What are the compliance risks associated with rep-sent emails (including reference to several published PMCPA case rulings)
  • What are the ways that we can mitigate risk?
  • How to manage promotional emails (definition, content, audience, permission, approval)
  • Examples of acceptable non-promotional emails
  • GDPR

Banners Ads and the ABPI Code 14 April, 2-2.30pm, FREE

Banner ads are used by many pharma companies and this 30 minute webinar looks at the key areas described below with lots of actual examples. This webinar is for those involved with the creation, review and approval of banner ads – pharma and agencies.

  • Intent
  • Functionality
  • What does ABPI Code say?
  • Case rulings?
  • How to mitigate risk?
  • Top tips

Cases that relate to rep conduct 21 April, 2-2.30pm, £30

It is unsurprising that customer-facing field-based teams sometimes attract complaints that relate to poor conduct – from behaviour in calls, and interactions with colleagues, to conflicts of interests and conduct at congresses. This 30 minute webinar is for sales reps, sales managers and anyone else who works with the field force – we will look at case examples to learn the best ways that the pharma industry can avoid complaints about rep conduct.

Meetings and hospitality 13 May,2-2.30pm, £30

If you work in or with pharma in relation to meetings and events, this 30 minute webinar will provide a useful overview of the key principles that relate to meetings and hospitality – from subsistence and delegates, to liability and approval.

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Chloe Morris


Chloe Morris

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